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Friday, March 4, 2011

Ty Ku

If you are a college student you need to buy Ty Ku. Plain and simple. It is the coolest bottle for your collection of bottles. The thing has a LED light at the bottom that lights the whole thing up. I mean look at the thing it looks like a fricken UFO about ready to take off. Yep thats right I bought it today, but I'm looking for the blue one. If you have not had it try it and comment on what you think of the thing. Last time I had it was at a black light party and literally everyone wanted to be me..ha.

In other new, two of the roommates have Influenza A and I'm gonna be staying at a friends so I don't get it because that can kill me since I have asthma. I've been sick enough this year that I don't need it to be any worse.

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