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Sunday, March 6, 2011

UAB wins Conference USA

I have finally got to witness my favorites team win Conference USA. UAB beat East Carolina to win the regular season title outright for the first time in their history. This should at least put them in the last four in for the NCAA tourny unless they lose in the first round of their conference tournament. It was a big win and I can't wait until selection Sunday. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Youtube of the Week


So at the party last night somebody literally got pissed on. Dude was so drunk that some guy thought it would be a good idea to pull down his pants and piss on his face. That is all sorts of wrong. I mean even in my drunkest of states I would never have thought to piss on somebody. Not only that, he pissed in our house and now we have a stain on the floor. Who the hell is gonna clean that up? The picture is of where in the house he pissed, so naturally we all decide to make sure we all remember this. O and if your wondering what we are wearing, the party theme was where something stupid.

In other events of last night, Piano Man came up on the iTouch and we thought it would be a great idea to take off our pants as a group of guys and dance around the girls that were here last night. I have some pretty interesting pictures from the night as well. I'll post those in couple of days.

Ty Ku

If you are a college student you need to buy Ty Ku. Plain and simple. It is the coolest bottle for your collection of bottles. The thing has a LED light at the bottom that lights the whole thing up. I mean look at the thing it looks like a fricken UFO about ready to take off. Yep thats right I bought it today, but I'm looking for the blue one. If you have not had it try it and comment on what you think of the thing. Last time I had it was at a black light party and literally everyone wanted to be me..ha.

In other new, two of the roommates have Influenza A and I'm gonna be staying at a friends so I don't get it because that can kill me since I have asthma. I've been sick enough this year that I don't need it to be any worse.